Bacon Man: An Adventure

Bacon Man: An Adventure is an action platformer about food and the ferocious fight for freedom. Take control of Bacon Man, the rightful heir to the Meat Throne. As the Food Group Leaders plot against you, gather friends, and bring forth a revolution unlike any other!

About The Game

Bacon Man is a full 3D side scrolling action platforming game. It mixes fighting, shooting, and physics based abilities to create a challenging experience in a beautifully rendered world inspired by the food groups. Bacon Man is crafted in the spirit of some of our favourite childhood titles, such as Earthworm Jim, the Rayman series, and Mega Man X.




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Angelos Dardagiannopoulos
Game Designer
Jonathan Vazquez
Technical Artist
Ryan Lefebvre
Art Director
Neal Laurenza
Managing Director
Kyle Landry